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The  Hindi club of United International Degree College intends  to create a stage  for promoting ,preserving  and get a  deeper insight to  appreciate  Indian  culture and traditions among Students .This Language  is a way in which people communicate with one another , build  relationships and create cultural awareness, for members  to connect, learn, and grow.

Hindi club of United International Degree College

Objectives of the club

  • Popularizing Hindi Language can help in fostering a sense of pride to Indian culture and heritage.
  • To facilitate cultural exchange that provides an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to come together and learn about Indian culture through language, music, dance, art, films, and literature.
  • Members can engage in conversational practice, language workshops, and other language-focused activities to enhance their proficiency in Hindi.
  • The Hindi club can also provide career development opportunities for students interested in fields such as translation, interpretation, teaching, journalism, or working in the Indian film industry.

Activities Of Club

  • Hindi Movie Screening
  • Debate
  • Quiz

Our Programs

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