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Cultural activities are an integral part of an educational institution. UIDC provides a platform to students through its cultural club Kalanubhava to unfold and bring out melodious voices, breathtaking dance performances, artistic expressions, and aesthetic music creations.

The club organizes various inter and intra-cultural events to showcase the unique talents of students. To exhibit unity in diversity, celebrations of national festivals and college fest are organized through Kalanubhava.

cultural club - united international degree college

Objectives of the club

  • To bring out the hidden unique talents of every student
  • To provide a platform to showcase the talents
  • To develop a sense of appreciation for art and culture.
  • To promote Indian art and culture.

Activities Of Club

  • Talents Day
  • Freshers Day
  • Ethnic Day
  • Annual Day
  • Celebration of National days

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